My name is Nicholas, I am a classical five element acupuncturist working in and around Fitzrovia, a quiet and friendly neighbourhood of London's West End

What is Classical Five Element acupuncture ?

Classical Five Element, or Worsely five element acupuncture is a simple yet remarkably powerful form of acupuncture brought to the West by J.R. Worsley following his extensive travels to China, Japan and the far east in the 1960's and 70's.

How does it work ?

Health and happiness are our birthright, our natural state of being. Five element acupuncture works to restore that authentic natural way of being by removing blocks to the flow of the 'qi' (chi) while continually reminding us of our true nature via the meridian (acupuncture point) network.

Seriously ?

Yes, the meridian network or network of points, common to all mammals, are in fact a network of control panels allowing for the rectification of all functions and aspects of functions that can go wrong with the body, mind or spirit.